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Just spent some time

reading blogs from my blog roll. The Cortez Family convicts my heart to document the positives of homeschooling. We met them while we were in Franklin and they are ‘first year’ homeschoolers as well. Jennifer and I shared concerns and insights we’d discovered through our homeschooling journey which was only about 2 months long at that point. Our situations were similar in that it was our first year and we weren’t sure how long we’d continue, we just knew this is what the Lord had for us this year, also the things we observed and sensed in our boys that we may not have come to know had they not been under our care for educational purposes this year. This is such a kind family with a mom who is transparent and loves the Lord. Just another part of this adventure the Lord has us on that we are thankful for…sweet families we meet along the way and the blog world to keep in touch with them once our time with them has passed.


prayer request on possible job location…

We are coming in town this weekend. The job in Franklin is complete. There is a possibility Kyle’s company may have landed a job in Augusta for a YEAR. Now…Carter’s plans change so frequently we cannot rely on this yet, but they want Kyle to do the job…if it sticks…so…if you would…shift your prayers toward that…we’ll keep you posted…

I am the worst…

blogger ever. I cannot believe it has been a month since I posted! I have thought about it more than once, but for some reason…just never got around to it. One reason is that I’ve been trying to be diligent in getting outside of our 4 walls while we’re here in Franklin. We love it here so much and Avery is such an active young man, that I’m trying to do better with getting him out and about. Also, sometimes when Kyle is working on a Hobby Lobby, it is a new store that isn’t open yet. The one he has been working on here is a renovation, so it is open and fully loaded with wonderful goodies! I like to take the children to visit him at work when its an open store and not a constructions site. We’ve done that quite a bit, which isn’t necessarily a good thing because I LOVE what they have in there and it also makes me want to create something! I need to learn to sew…
This past Sunday Kyle was not working, so after church we surprised Avery and went to the Nashville Zoo. It was a great day & much needed family outing.

Long time no post…

Happy Six Months!

Happy Six Months!

CIMG0783CIMG0780I’m going to try to quickly wrap up the past couple of weeks for us.CIMG0754

A friend of mine from high school, Melanie, lives close by, so we’ve been able to meet up with her several times. She has a 2 1/2 year old, Kaylee, and a 7 month old, Jackson.CIMG0774 Katie Mae and Jackson had a good time playing together and Katie Mae decided to sit up for the first time at Jackson’s house. He is only one month older than Katie Mae, but is crawling everywhere, so I think Katie Mae felt the urge to do something big while we were there.(see picture at top) Melanie gave us 2 tickets to the Nashville Predators hockey game.CIMG0782 I do not know much about hockey, but the children and I had a good time that night…it was eventful…ask us about it if we haven’t already told you…WOW! We came home for a few days last week. While we were there my sister Courtney had a birthday, our friend Alex had a birthday and Katie Mae had her 6 month check up…so I made cupcakes.CIMG0784 We were able to visit with most of our family. It’s so entertaining to watch PaPa Terry and Gammy entertain Katie Mae!CIMG0791

Ok, these pictures are a little scattered, but I am out of time. We have a fun week planned, so I’ll have to post about our activities a little later on. It’s chilly here already…feels like fall!


We are currently in Franklin, TN. We arrived Saturday afternoon. I was able to meet up with an old high school friend who lives close by, we will see each other again while we’re here. It’s nice to have a friend close by. Homeschooling is continuing after taking a week off last week due to a crazy schedule. We have arranged to meet up with several families in the Franklin homeschooling network while we are here. I’m really trying to get better at that…for Avery’s sake. Katie Mae is growing like a weed…developing rather…it seems everyday she get stronger and better control of her hand movements and such. She always has a smile on her face. What a delight. We will be heading home Sunday or Monday for Katie Mae’s 6 month check up (I cannot believe it!) and returning to Franklin Saturday after I attend a HUGE consignment sale with my step-mom in Conyers!