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The More I Seek You

Some of you may have heard this before, but I had not until this weekend. We sang it at the church we’ve been attending in Prattville. It may be my new favorite. Powerful stuff…


Thankful for Tuesdays

I just wanted to post a quick update. We’ve discovered the place where we’re staying serves dinner on Tuesday nights for the ‘residents’ for free! They put a snack on our door each Tuesday afternoon to remind us. It’s a double treat for me to eat a free meal and not have to cook or clean up afterwards! There were a few other residents there tonight. As we got to talking we discovered that every child at the table was being homeschooled…an 11th grader, 6th, 3rd (Avery) and a 1st grader. The 6th grader was the most recent recruit. Her mom said almost 150 students at the public school had been absent with swine flu so she pulled her daughter out since she was already homeschooling her son (1st grader).

The church we attended this weekend is directly across the street. So close that we were able to walk. Also, they have a Saturday evening service. We went to that one so Kyle was able to join us. We’ll attend that one while we’re here so Kyle will be able to be with us each week. The Lord has blessed us with another great church to be a part of while we’re here. They have a homeschool blog and a mom’s small group that meets once a week (with their children) starting in September.

The YMCA here honors our membership with the Augusta YMCA, so we’ve been able to use their facility and pool. They have homeschool P.E. once a week starting in September as well! We’ve been to the library several times. Avery has quietly read and Katie Mae napped while I copied recipes. We’ve also discovered a NEAT park next door to the library. This picture really doesn’t do it justice. Avery and I were amazed the first time we went. It is HUGE and is set up like a fort around the outside.

This was supposed to be a quick post, but since its turned into a rather lengthy one…why not add some pictures of my sweet youngins!

CIMG0718CIMG0711We are so thankful we were able to give Avery a sibling. He’s a

wonderful big brother to Katie Mae. She lights up when he’s around!

Trying to “roll” with the “tide” in Alabama


alabama_welcomeWe are in Prattville. We had a pretty smooth trip. Katie Mae wanted out of her car seat for the last 20-30 minutes, but we managed to push through. Our “suite” is…well, let’s just  say we were COMPLETELY spoiled in Arkansas. One of our main priorities in looking for accommodations for our family of 4 is a full kitchen so we can keep our grocery costs down. The place we are staying advertised “full kitchens”.

Do you notice what is missing under the “stove”? No oven. No dishwasher. The dishwasher I can get over…but MANY of my recipes involve the oven…I have been viewing this season of our lives as an exciting ‘adventure’…well…the Lord has a sense of humor, does He not? 🙂 Thankfully, I did bring along our slow cooker, so that will give us a little wiggle room.

This week for dinner we are doing breakfast, spaghetti, and sloppy joes, then I will try to get my creative juices flowing for the remainder of our stay. What are your ideas? Anyone have inexpensive recipes that do not require the oven? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post them! I’ll let ya know how it’s going!