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I miss my blog and the life I had that went with it

To be continued…


I need a change…HIS promises hold true.

I woke up this morning needing a change…I logged on to write a new post and reread my last blog entry…similar in mindset, today, I am CHOOSING to step up and out of this funk I have been in for…months. It has been an exhausting season. I could start listing the things that have been difficult and challenging and that have led to the exhaustion…but as I said…I am CHOOSING to step up and out. As I spent time with the Lord this morning and reflected on the past few months I began thinking about God’s promises. That led me to realizing I need to be doing a structured Bible study this summer, whether by myself or with another lady or two to keep me focused on His promises and not my current circumstances. I would love to be involved with the ladies Bible study at church, but I am a working woman, with a new company and a new job…so that was out of the question. However, I am delighted and excited to say that my boss and I will be doing a Bible study together with thousands of other ladies starting June 22nd. How will this working woman connect with so many ladies when she isn’t able to attend a small ladies group at her local church? THIS is how. The study for the summer is: RUTH: Loss, Love and Legacy by Kelly Minter. I have always loved the story of Ruth. Ironically, I fell asleep a few nights ago after watching The Story of Ruth on the local Christian T.V. station. Watch the trailer and see if you recognize the person who plays Boaz (wearing the purple shirt)…Yes, that is CARMEN…I haven’t heard much of him in recent years, but he was a pretty big part of the contemporary Christian music movement when I was younger.
ALL of that to say, simply making a decision to commit to a study discussing a subject I’ve always been drawn to has lifted my spirit and I know following through with the commitment by actually going through the study will do so much more for that ‘change’ I am needing…and the direction I need to hold onto the promises of God!

Until next time…

Cast Thy Burden

After completing MANY applications online and hitting my knees several times a day…the Lord has answered our prayers for flexible, part-time employment for me while we’re in town. Psalm 55:22 says:

“Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

One of my former employers and also a friend, whom I called first before completing any other applications, returned my call and is willing to be flexible with my hours, which may require me being in the office alone at night, but he is willing to bend in that area. Also, when I called, I offered to do ANYTHING the business might need, expecting to fill in for the most basic job, just to be able to bring in some income. This phone call was not only to offer flexible hours, but to assist in the business aspect of the company, which is much more responsibility than the most basic job. What a humbling experience to be given such great responsibility when I was expecting so much less. I immediately called Kyle and hit my knees again while on the phone with him.
The last part of Psalm 55:22 speaks to me about God not moving me out of my role as a stay-at-home mom. An hour or so before this phone call was received Katie Mae waved “bye-bye” for the first time. I grabbed the video camera and also recorded it on my phone to send to her Daddy at work. The whole time I was recording her I just kept thinking, “I’m so glad I was here for this…I’m so glad I got to see her do this first!” My paraphrasing may not be accurate, but my application of this verse is…We have cast our burden on the Lord. He has and is and will sustain us, and He has not caused my heart to suffer by asking me to move out of my current role, just to be a little flexible with it.

Cardboard Testimonies

Another powerful one. See if you can get through it without shedding a tear. The last one actually happened to a girl I used to work with!
What would your cardboard say?

The More I Seek You

Some of you may have heard this before, but I had not until this weekend. We sang it at the church we’ve been attending in Prattville. It may be my new favorite. Powerful stuff…

Living My Dream

It all hit me on my 30th birthday…Let me set the stage a little…I have ALWAYS wanted to stay at home with my children. I never realized how important it was to marry someone who desired that as well until Kyle and I had some discussions before and after we got married and his fear of being unable to live on one income was more overwhelming for him than me staying home with our sweet ones. Seven months into our marriage we were pregnant and this became a pressing issue since there was now a time frame set. We had many discussions, tears, and prayers (both together and separately). His desire was for me to stay home as well, but the financial aspect of it wasn’t making sense to him. (Which I completely understand). When little Kathleen Mae Williams arrived in March, we still had no idea what we were going to do. I scheduled to take 12 weeks off from work, which I thought was such a blessing in and of itself. Through the millions of conversations I’d had with the Lord about staying at home he began to show me that I didn’t know I was going to be able to stay at home with Avery until he was 3 months old and that’s how long my maternity leave was this time, so I changed my perspective and soaked in each day I had with my newborn and trusted God for an answer within the next 3 months. He also led me to Exodus 2:1-10, the story of Jochabed, Moses’ mother, who hid her baby for 3 months and the Lord saved him from death. I read this passage almost everyday of my maternity leave. We had a few plans in place to allow me to work from home, but those “doors were closed” and we were left at square one with less than 3 weeks left of my maternity leave. Kyle came home for lunch one day and said he’d been throwing around the idea of going back on the road. He’d gone over the numbers (probably a million times in his head) and he thought we could live off one income if he were to do that. The fact that he was thinking in this direction was a HUGE answer to prayer and an example of his servant heart because when he’s on the road he works long, hard days with very few breaks in between. It would definitely be a sacrifice for him. We talked about all of us traveling with him and homeschooling Avery (because he was not going to be on the road with out us…we’d been there and done that and none of us could take it.) He quickly dropped the conversation and said it was something he was only THINKING about and probably wasn’t a good idea. My heart felt like it had been on a rollercoaster within the course of 30 minutes and I was about to lose it! I held it together enough to let him know I thought it was a great idea, that the Lord had brought his heart SO far for him to even be thinking that way and that I would support him no matter what he decided. Within an hour of him leaving from lunch, he called and said, “Are you serious about this? If so, I’m calling the office to get the ball rolling on an out of town job.”  I couldn’t hold the tears back at that point. I thought to myself, “Is this really happening?” We discussed it when he got home and the following day. An out of town job was not available immediately, so we had some time to reconsider. It was going to be a scary move, I understood that, but we’d also seen the Lord provide for us a thousand times over and we both felt Him tugging our hearts in this direction. A day or so later we were sitting in the den one night and I was thinking about having to put our little girl in daycare. Kyle looked across the room at me and said, “What are you thinking about?” I responded with, “putting her in child care.” He looked at me and said, “Turn in your two weeks notice. I cannot handle you being like this with just the thought of her being in daycare, much less actually having to go through it.” OH MY GOODNESS. I cannot even tell you how my heart lept that night. The next day I had my 2 weeks notice typed out and set up a day to go to my office to turn it in. It happened that fast. It hadn’t crossed our minds at this point, but we truly believe the Lord closed the door on the options for me to work from home because they would not allow us to travel with Kyle. Kind of neat how we can see the Lord’s hand it things when we look back. I was scheduled to return to work June 15th which was exactly one week after my 30th birthday. I turned in my notice on May 28th and breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. My eyes were now filled with humble tears to see God’s hand work all this out.

All that leads me to what I’ve attempted to post several times, but it either didn’t come out right, or I became so overwhelmed while writing it that I ran out of time and just erased it. I want to preface this by saying that there are some things I would “tweak” if I could,like how tight our budget is, but its where my heart is that I want to express. Even our budget has brought out good things in me that I didn’t know were in there.

 Iwoke up on my 30th birthday (almost 3 months ago), looked around our humble abode, with my 2 1/2 month old sleeping in her bassinet beside me, my 8 year old in the den playing his Wii, my soul mate of a husband at work and I was officially a stay at home mom. My thoughts were…I am married to my dream man, I am the mom to 2 “dream” children, I live in a precious home (not my dream home only because of its size), I have my dream vehicle, my family is healthy, I have food on the table, clothes on my back ( and cute ones in my closet for when my body recovers from having a baby!), and now I have my dream job. It was already a great birthday and I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet!  It was one of the MANY times I’ve said:

“Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you” -Psalm 116:7

What a privilege to be their Mom.

What a privilege to be their Mom.

Who/What is seasoning you and yours??

Matthew 5:13a says “You are the salt of the earth…”salt
As a woman who enjoys cooking…This got me thinking…
Salt is used to season things. To give something more flavor or zest…
Am I being the salt in my children’s lives?
(There are other relationships this can be related to, but this hit me like a ton of bricks about my children)
Am I seasoning them with Christ, or, am I allowing others or other things (intentionally or unintentionally) to do the work the Lord has instructed me to do? Am I allowing friends, relatives, tv shows, movies, commercials, books, magazines at check out stands, billboards, etc. to season my childrens’ palates?   How about my lack of energy, my attitude, my frustration, how I speak to others/about others, or my embarrasment (ouch!) What will their “taste buds” crave? Will it be the things of God? This is an interesting point for me because one of the prayers I’ve always prayed for them is that they would not be attracted to the things of this world, but find them distasteful in their mouths! seasoning
Another interesting finding for me was that Websters also defines season as: to treat (as a skillet) so as to prepare for use. Is this the role of a mom (and dad) or what??? To be the salt, to season their children so they will find the things of the Lord tasteful and pleasing to their palate AND our purpose for this “seasoning” is to prepare them for God’s use. Look at the difference in the pictures above. Salt is  distinguishable, easily recognized by it’s looks and taste. Can you name the seasonings in the 2nd picture? Some of them maybe, but for the most part they are unidentifiable. Our “seasoning” on our children (and others) should be distinguishable.
Ex. 33:16 “What else will distinguish me and your people from all the other people on the face of the earth?”
Daniel 6:3a “Now Daniel so distinguished himself…”
Heb. 5:14 “But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”
One final thought, salt is used in almost everything, both sweet and savory. This is a reminder that we should teach our children that every part of our lives are to be seasoned, not just Sundays for worship at church, not just when we decide to read a scripture (such as Bible class for those homeschoolers), then forget about Him the rest of the day. He should be a part of  the sweet and savory parts of  every moment of our lives. What a great picture for us, but also an area to consider for our own lives as well. Who am I allowing to season my life? What kind of taste am I leaving on others’ palates?