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Deeper Still

You can read the back story to this post here and read my roadtrip partner’s comments about her weekend here.

Friday my sweet friend Audrey and I packed up and hit the road for a 4 hour (or so) trip to Birmingham, AL for a one-night-stay in the downtown area (compliments of the points Kyle has accumulated by working out-of-town). We made this whirlwind of a trip because of Deeper Still.  

I haven’t been able to spend  much time with this girl since I went back to work since our lives are very different during this season. She makes me laugh and want to be a better woman for Christ. What more can I say?


We were amoung 13, 900 women! They converted the men’s restrooms into women’s for this event!

All four speakers on stage having a hilarious “panel discussion”.

While waiting for Beth, we had the priviledge of meeting Priscilla Shirer. Audrey attended one of her conferences a few months back and mentioned how much she really enjoyed her. After hearing her speak this weekend, I must say, she is one of my favorites now as well.

Aside from the powerful teaching we were able to receive all weekend long, Audrey and I both had a highlight of  “star” encounters. I was as excited about seeing Kay Arthur, Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer as I was about Travis Cottrell leading worship! I have one of his cd’s and I am surprised it still plays without skipping. I listen to it so much the kids know what song is coming next. Even Katie Mae (at 20 months old) sings what lyrics she can because she has heard them so often. He is a talented man and he uses that talent to glorify his Creator. He is a gift. So, needless to say, even though this is a horrible picture of me…my weekend was complete when he stopped to take a quick picture.

On the ride to Birmingham, Audrey mentioned Kelly  from Kelly’s Korner was going to be one of the nearly 14,000 in attendance with us this weekend. We (Audrey more so than me) kept an eye out for her all weekend hoping to see her friendly face. When the conference concluded on Saturday there was a message on the big screens: Siestas please meet at the sound booth following the conference. If you follow Beth Moore’s blog you knew what they were talking about. Those of us who knew what “siestas” was referring to excitedly gathered around the sound booth and waited….and waited…and waited. As the arena continued to clear we realized we were probably going to get to meet Beth Moore. Audrey kept looking at her watch, not wanting to leave too late because of the long drive. Finally we turned a corner after standing in a long hallway and there she was. She spoke to our group of 20 or 30 “siestas” and we took several group pictures with her. Not with our cameras…professional photographer only. Both of her daughters were there and they hopped in for a picture too. I spoke with her oldest, Amanda, who is a mother of 2 and her youngest, Anna Beth, is one month older than Katie Mae. I read her blog and laugh at how similar our little girls are. After the long wait and rush of excitement, it was over and they started trying to shuttle us out the door. We turned the corner and low and behold Audrey squeals: “There’s Kelly!” 

 Her day had been made and we snapped a few pictures. I then asked Audrey if it was worth the long wait since she had been such a patient friend to wait with me to see Mrs. Beth!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many notes were taken and how the Lord used such a special time in that great big arena to change my heart and call my attention to areas in my life that…well…need my attention. 🙂 I need to run, but I will try to write another post about SPIRITUAL side of this trip because I haven’t even said a word about Kelly Minter’s power-packed, 15-mintue, early bird devotion on Saturday morning. Or Kay Arthur taking us through the ENTIRE book of Matthew Friday night. She spoke for and hour and half straight. Or Priscilla Shirer’s pratical yet powerful charge for us to be the “Sisterhood of the Emty Quiver”. And Mrs. Beth’s urge to treasure where we’ve been, who was with us, where we are, who is with us and where we are going. Or the painting/story board that were created while we worshipped….or…

I do want to mention that this was the next-to-last Deeper Still event that they will do. The last one is scheduled for June in Louisville, KY and if you are able to attend…I would encourage you to do so.


In His Shoes

I will post more about our Fathers Day weekend later. I wanted to share this video that was the opener for the Fathers Day message at our church yesterday.

May Perspective

We’re going on our second week of my new job. Kyle is still working out-of-town during the week, but has received 4 job opportunities (in town) over the past week or so. FOUR! Isn’t God amazing? I think we’ve narrowed it down to the one we feel would be most beneficial for our family. And now…we’re waiting to hear from them for the final offer…WAITING…something I am not so good at doing. May is such a busy month for us. We have/had several birthdays, mothers day, my older sister’s college graduation, Avery’s field day & awards day, a new small group semester, a quick family vacation and ballgames squeezed in between all of these activities. All of this being accomplished as gracefully as possible with the head of the household out-of-town during the week.
But, man, I have 2 beautiful, healthy children who are such a joy to mother. I have an incredible husband who puts his family first and works until exhaustion on most days. I have extended family who delight in my children and offer to help. We have a remarkable sitter who does a great job with our children and gives this mama peace of mind while working for a delightful company and an even more delightful boss. My darling husband led us back to our church that is perfect for our family and my eyes fill with tears when I think about the grace, redemption and unconditional love that surrounds us there. I have a Savior who is with me for each moment of my day. He is FOR me and knows what season lies ahead for us, even when I am overwhelmed with the present. An attitude of gratitude can really change your perspective…

on the mend…

Several of the “bugs” that are currently going around have passed through our family. Avery had strep last week, Katie Mae is recovering from her 3rd sinus infection and I am currently on a round of antibiotics as well. We have all gone almost a year without any sickness. Being well is one of the things we’ve been so thankful for this past year. It seems when I started working in the evenings is when things started changing. I work at a pediatricians (the best!) office and enter through the “sick” door everyday…I’m not sure if I’m bringing ‘bugs’ home with me or what, but after this past week of daily medications for our little ones and MANY sleepless nights…we decided we’ve had enough. We are currently making ‘washing our hands’ our new favorite thing and last night we had a family time of prayer and are seeing evidence of the Lord’s healing already. The ‘guys’ had a good nights rest last night and we ‘girls’ were only disturbed once because KM couldn’t find her paci at about 3 am…but we were both back to sleep within 5 minutes…which usually isn’t the case for me. I called Kyle this morning when KM woke up and asked him how he slept…he remembers hearing KM wimper…but definitely remembers it wasn’t enough to warrant him getting up…He said, it was thanks to “the power of prayer”. It never ceases to amaze us. Thank you Lord for cleansing our home of the ‘bugs’ and for complete healing!

The Beginning…

It is Monday, March 1st. The beginning of a new month. The beginning of a new week and the beginning of Katie Mae attending mothers day out twice a week instead of just once. So today I had to get up, get myself, Avery and Katie Mae ready for the day. Feed everyone (I ended up drinking mine on the way to Avery’s school). Give everyone their medicines and shuffle everyone out the door. Needless to say, Avery was late to school. I asked the secretary if there was a “mom is going back to work” pass that he could have for about a week since it’ll probably take that long to adjust. After dropping him off I scooted over to Katie Mae’s MDO and finished putting on my “face” in the parking lot. Then I headed to work and realized…I haven’t had any coffee this morning…

I do not know how I’m going to manage this on a daily basis…

Catching up…

I am terrible at this blogging thing…I just do not have time….but once again I’m going to try my hand at it…I just spent some time reading a few others and I just love them. Here is the picture I promised from my last post about Avery winning 2nd place in the science fair.

Kyle had to work in Texas last weekend, which happened to be Valentines weekend and the weekend it snowed. He was here for the snow on Friday, but had to leave to drive 17 hours the next morning. He made it there and back safely and Thursday he came home with this… A second band. We’ve talked a few times about getting one for our 5th anniversary, which isn’t for another 2 1/2 years…but he surprised me and I love it! He was so excited to give it to me that he didn’t have it engraved, but we’ll take care of that soon. I’ve always disliked Valentine’s Day…too much hype…then when I realized my own valentine wasn’t even going to be with me on “the” day, I just wrote it off again this year…but little did I know what he was planning. A friend and I were able to sneak away from our little ones (my 2 and her 6) on Saturday(13th) to see a movie kind of for v-day…that was a nice break and my own little way of celebrating if you will. We’ve had a lot going on with mine and Kyle’s schedules still passing in the afternoon, but we continue to be thankful. We are just in a good place. We love our church. I love the ladies bible study I’m able to attend on Wednesday mornings and he enjoys his men’s group on Thursday evenings. Katie Mae is attending mothers day out on Fridays and it will pick up to Mondays and Fridays next month. This allows me to work in the mornings while she is there. She has only been twice so far but she really seems to like the interaction with other little ones her size…although she doesn’t get her morning nap in so she’s exhausted by the time I pick her up. The available slot for MDO at this particular place is another post in itself…the timing was just perfect. Here is our sweet 11 month old…

I cannot believe her first birthday is next month. Yet again, like with Avery’s 1st birthday, it is bittersweet because it means I will be heading back to work full-time. I am really having a hard time emotionally about that, but it will be ok. We are still trying to figure out what to do for her party. We know we’d like to just have family over and keep it simple…the only thing is our townhouse may not accommodate everyone. I think I’ve already decided just to rearrange the furniture and make it work…I need help!
More to come…{hopefully}

What a week!

This has been an incredible week. I will have to post pictures later…It started with Avery winning 2nd place in the science fair at school. We were so excited and so proud of him. Later in the week I was offered a couple of full-time scenarios at work…the first one beginning in March right after Katie Mae turns one. It’s such a humbling experience to hear that someone I highly respect has confidence in me. What a blessing. My heart is still at home and Kyle and I are continuing to seek the Lord, but if it comes down to me having to return to work full-time, there is no place I’d rather be. We received some other good news that caused our hearts to leap as well. Just something we’ve prayed for as a family. Then, Friday we filed our income taxes. We prayed for the return to be more than we expected, but we’d also pulled from our retirement funds this year, so we weren’t sure what the penalties would be…well, the Lord blessed us with much, much more than we expected and we walked out of the office with HUGE smiles on our faces. Our cups are running over with the goodness of God’s provision. He knows best and He has truly given us an incredible week.