About These Hands

We are a happy family with 2 delightful children that are 8 years apart. This blog originated when we took on the adventure of traveling , homeschooling Avery and “setting up home” wherever Kyle’s job sent him in 2009 after our daughter, Katie Mae was born.  We came off the road late fall of 2009 and our current status has both of us working full-time which leaves a lot less time for blogging. We acknowledge that the Lord has blessed our lives and answered our prayers in so many ways and we are completely grateful. Kyle and I are living proof the Lord has a ‘soulmate’ for everyone. I have often said, “Women can’t find Prince Charming because he’s married to me!” Actually, he’s just my prince charming…everyone has their own. We were married 11-11-07 and have truly taken pleasure in establishing our life together.  We hope you obtain great entertainment with each post you are able to be a part of.

Our favorite verse for our lives is:

Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.” Psalm 116:7


Comments on: "About These Hands" (3)

  1. Tammy T. Horne said:

    Oh my. Just now seeing the excitement you have been up to. I would love to talk with you to hear all of what y’all have going on.

  2. TARA!!!! The thrill and delight that I have that you follow my blog was amazing!!! I see you follow Deborah Anne’s blog. Is that the way you found us?! I’m so excited to see your sweet smile after these many years! Your children are beautiful and you have such a sweet family!!!

  3. I’m wondering why I’m not getting an email of updates when you post them……
    I came to your blog to try and figure out how to remedy that…
    AhA! I found it !
    But you are required to leave a comment in order to “sign up”….
    so here’s all my wisdom in one little comment just so that I can receive email updates……..

    which now that you are smiling and shaking your head because your older sister is CRAZY…..
    has hopefully at least received a little laugh.
    Enjoy your day…..I’ll go continue to play the role of crazy older sister WITH email updates on my sister’s blog.

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