I woke up this morning needing a change…I logged on to write a new post and reread my last blog entry…similar in mindset, today, I am CHOOSING to step up and out of this funk I have been in for…months. It has been an exhausting season. I could start listing the things that have been difficult and challenging and that have led to the exhaustion…but as I said…I am CHOOSING to step up and out. As I spent time with the Lord this morning and reflected on the past few months I began thinking about God’s promises. That led me to realizing I need to be doing a structured Bible study this summer, whether by myself or with another lady or two to keep me focused on His promises and not my current circumstances. I would love to be involved with the ladies Bible study at church, but I am a working woman, with a new company and a new job…so that was out of the question. However, I am delighted and excited to say that my boss and I will be doing a Bible study together with thousands of other ladies starting June 22nd. How will this working woman connect with so many ladies when she isn’t able to attend a small ladies group at her local church? THIS is how. The study for the summer is: RUTH: Loss, Love and Legacy by Kelly Minter. I have always loved the story of Ruth. Ironically, I fell asleep a few nights ago after watching The Story of Ruth on the local Christian T.V. station. Watch the trailer and see if you recognize the person who plays Boaz (wearing the purple shirt)…Yes, that is CARMEN…I haven’t heard much of him in recent years, but he was a pretty big part of the contemporary Christian music movement when I was younger.
ALL of that to say, simply making a decision to commit to a study discussing a subject I’ve always been drawn to has lifted my spirit and I know following through with the commitment by actually going through the study will do so much more for that ‘change’ I am needing…and the direction I need to hold onto the promises of God!

Until next time…


Comments on: "I need a change…HIS promises hold true." (1)

  1. Melissa said:

    I love that you’re doing this study this Summer…I am, too!!!! My husband will be out of town with work all Summer so I’m moving in with Mom!! We’re going to do the study together and I can’t wait. Love the new update. Hope work is going well and everything with the family!!

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