May Perspective

We’re going on our second week of my new job. Kyle is still working out-of-town during the week, but has received 4 job opportunities (in town) over the past week or so. FOUR! Isn’t God amazing? I think we’ve narrowed it down to the one we feel would be most beneficial for our family. And now…we’re waiting to hear from them for the final offer…WAITING…something I am not so good at doing. May is such a busy month for us. We have/had several birthdays, mothers day, my older sister’s college graduation, Avery’s field day & awards day, a new small group semester, a quick family vacation and ballgames squeezed in between all of these activities. All of this being accomplished as gracefully as possible with the head of the household out-of-town during the week.
But, man, I have 2 beautiful, healthy children who are such a joy to mother. I have an incredible husband who puts his family first and works until exhaustion on most days. I have extended family who delight in my children and offer to help. We have a remarkable sitter who does a great job with our children and gives this mama peace of mind while working for a delightful company and an even more delightful boss. My darling husband led us back to our church that is perfect for our family and my eyes fill with tears when I think about the grace, redemption and unconditional love that surrounds us there. I have a Savior who is with me for each moment of my day. He is FOR me and knows what season lies ahead for us, even when I am overwhelmed with the present. An attitude of gratitude can really change your perspective…


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