We had a sweet Easter as a family this year. Our friends, the Hickmans, attended church with us. We had lunch at my moms then came home to rest for the day. Kyle has been working out of town during the week for the past month so it was nice to have some family time. Avery’s spring break was spent with his sister, our sweet sitter, Eliza and a few other children she was keeping. I was off the last 2 days of the break so I was able to see a glimpse of my former life…being at home with my kiddos. Friday, Avery, Katie Mae and I attended The Masters with my mom and sister. We weren’t sure how long KM would let us stay, but we ended up being there most of the day. We had a few hiccups, which were quickly resolved (KM had to have her OWN badge, someone let us use theirs! and the backpack carrier was too big for Augusta National regulations, so we had to walk back to the car and put her in the front carrier). Once all that was resolved, we had a great time. Avery was able to see Tiger tee off and I was able to follow/wait for Phil Mickelson at a few holes.
The following week Kyle came home from traveling to stay with the children for the week while I went to Richmond, VA with my new boss for computer training. They put us in the corporate penthouse for the week, which was stocked with goodies. They catered lunch for us everyday and sent us to great places for dinner each night. Needless to say, if I weren’t sold already…I was then. 🙂 My hearts desire is still to be at home with my children, but since we understand I need to work for this season, I am looking forward to this opportunity to start a new branch of this company in the Augusta area. I love my ‘local’ boss and the company seems to really reward those who work hard (which I will).

That is a QUICK wrap up of the last few weeks. Kyle will head out-of-town again today and I will work my last 2 weeks of full time employment with my current office. My transition to the new company is set for May 3rd. LOTS of adjustments going on in the Williams household…it seems to be the trend for this season, but we’re trusting in the Lord for HIS plans, not ours.

I hope to post more frequently when/if things settle down. Until then…have great days that are centered around the Lord…and be thankful for those faces you are able to see everyday!


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