SO much has been going on. I always feel guilty reading other blogs that are so well done…but I’m in a different season of life than most of those moms.

Katie Mae’s birthday party went well (over a month ago!) Our townhome was able to accomodate our family nicely and KM had a good time, until she ate her cake, which upset her tummy, which caused her to vomit while she was opening her presents. But, she felt MUCH better after that and everything was back to normal. We were so thankful 2 of KM’s great-grandmothers were able to attend the party. They are so special to us and she shares their names. What a joy to celebrate the first year of her precious life. We are so thankful for our sweet Kathleen Mae Williams.

After her party we loaded up the car, took my Grandmother home to Marietta and surprised Avery with tickets to an Atlanta Hawks game. Once again, Katie Mae went with us and did a great job. She’s been to more functions in her first 13 months than I have in my life (almost). 🙂 Avery was thrilled with the surprise and we had a great time as a family.


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