on the mend…

Several of the “bugs” that are currently going around have passed through our family. Avery had strep last week, Katie Mae is recovering from her 3rd sinus infection and I am currently on a round of antibiotics as well. We have all gone almost a year without any sickness. Being well is one of the things we’ve been so thankful for this past year. It seems when I started working in the evenings is when things started changing. I work at a pediatricians (the best!) office and enter through the “sick” door everyday…I’m not sure if I’m bringing ‘bugs’ home with me or what, but after this past week of daily medications for our little ones and MANY sleepless nights…we decided we’ve had enough. We are currently making ‘washing our hands’ our new favorite thing and last night we had a family time of prayer and are seeing evidence of the Lord’s healing already. The ‘guys’ had a good nights rest last night and we ‘girls’ were only disturbed once because KM couldn’t find her paci at about 3 am…but we were both back to sleep within 5 minutes…which usually isn’t the case for me. I called Kyle this morning when KM woke up and asked him how he slept…he remembers hearing KM wimper…but definitely remembers it wasn’t enough to warrant him getting up…He said, it was thanks to “the power of prayer”. It never ceases to amaze us. Thank you Lord for cleansing our home of the ‘bugs’ and for complete healing!


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