Getting braver everyday

Our little Katie Mae has recently started walking around holding on with just ONE hand instead of both. She has been a very cautious ‘cruiser’ so to see her doing this all of a sudden is exciting. This past weekend we had a quick visit with my dad and stepmom (Ginni). She and I had a conversation this summer about KM wearing a ‘tu-tu’ type outfit for her 1st birthday…and Ginni MADE one and had it ready this weekend with an adorable customized onesie to go along with it. It never dawned on me that KM may not be walking by her 1st birthday until I saw the tu-tu and we discussed how it may get on her nerves if she’s crawling around at her party instead of walking…

This thought combined with the fact that with me returning to work she will be in someone else’s care within a few weeks…I’m thinking about working really hard to get her comfortable on her own 2 feet so that I will be around for those first sweet steps. I have REALLY not pushed her to reach any of her first year milestones simply because I knew she’d reach them at her own pace and I am trying to ‘let her be little’ as long as I can… AND I did the exact opposite with Avery who grew up way too quickly.

So, I may have an exciting post in a few weeks to let you know that we have mastered the art of walking. Until then, for myself and for the sake of documentation, let me list what has been accomplished so far:

Rolled over-July 8-3 1/2 months old
Sat up- 6 1/2 months (w/out any prep!)
Bouncing to music-7 months
1st 2 teeth came in at the same time-8 months
Crawling and pulling up-9 months
Cruising-10 months
Stayed in the sanctuary(at church) with us until 10 months! (such a quiet, sweet girl)
1st overnight stay away from mommy and daddy—oh yeah, mommy hasn’t wanted that to happen yet! Maybe we’ll get to that one in year #2. šŸ™‚


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