Catching up…

I am terrible at this blogging thing…I just do not have time….but once again I’m going to try my hand at it…I just spent some time reading a few others and I just love them. Here is the picture I promised from my last post about Avery winning 2nd place in the science fair.

Kyle had to work in Texas last weekend, which happened to be Valentines weekend and the weekend it snowed. He was here for the snow on Friday, but had to leave to drive 17 hours the next morning. He made it there and back safely and Thursday he came home with this… A second band. We’ve talked a few times about getting one for our 5th anniversary, which isn’t for another 2 1/2 years…but he surprised me and I love it! He was so excited to give it to me that he didn’t have it engraved, but we’ll take care of that soon. I’ve always disliked Valentine’s Day…too much hype…then when I realized my own valentine wasn’t even going to be with me on “the” day, I just wrote it off again this year…but little did I know what he was planning. A friend and I were able to sneak away from our little ones (my 2 and her 6) on Saturday(13th) to see a movie kind of for v-day…that was a nice break and my own little way of celebrating if you will. We’ve had a lot going on with mine and Kyle’s schedules still passing in the afternoon, but we continue to be thankful. We are just in a good place. We love our church. I love the ladies bible study I’m able to attend on Wednesday mornings and he enjoys his men’s group on Thursday evenings. Katie Mae is attending mothers day out on Fridays and it will pick up to Mondays and Fridays next month. This allows me to work in the mornings while she is there. She has only been twice so far but she really seems to like the interaction with other little ones her size…although she doesn’t get her morning nap in so she’s exhausted by the time I pick her up. The available slot for MDO at this particular place is another post in itself…the timing was just perfect. Here is our sweet 11 month old…

I cannot believe her first birthday is next month. Yet again, like with Avery’s 1st birthday, it is bittersweet because it means I will be heading back to work full-time. I am really having a hard time emotionally about that, but it will be ok. We are still trying to figure out what to do for her party. We know we’d like to just have family over and keep it simple…the only thing is our townhouse may not accommodate everyone. I think I’ve already decided just to rearrange the furniture and make it work…I need help!
More to come…{hopefully}


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