What a week!

This has been an incredible week. I will have to post pictures later…It started with Avery winning 2nd place in the science fair at school. We were so excited and so proud of him. Later in the week I was offered a couple of full-time scenarios at work…the first one beginning in March right after Katie Mae turns one. It’s such a humbling experience to hear that someone I highly respect has confidence in me. What a blessing. My heart is still at home and Kyle and I are continuing to seek the Lord, but if it comes down to me having to return to work full-time, there is no place I’d rather be. We received some other good news that caused our hearts to leap as well. Just something we’ve prayed for as a family. Then, Friday we filed our income taxes. We prayed for the return to be more than we expected, but we’d also pulled from our retirement funds this year, so we weren’t sure what the penalties would be…well, the Lord blessed us with much, much more than we expected and we walked out of the office with HUGE smiles on our faces. Our cups are running over with the goodness of God’s provision. He knows best and He has truly given us an incredible week.


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