Avery is at school. Katie Mae and I have started a pretty good routine at home. I’m working 4 evenings a week and Saturdays. This will change next week when I start working Monday-day shift. That is the only day I’ll be away from Katie Mae and I will continue to work evenings the rest of the week. Things have been so tight since we’ve come off the road. We are desperately seeking the Lord for a solution for our finances. I LOVE being with Katie Mae and being able to pick Avery up from school. I also LOVE what I do at work and the flexibility that has been offered there. I just wish it were as financially rewarding. Kyle and I both are looking to do other things to create more income. We are really relying on the Lord….we just haven’t sensed a clear answer on what to do. In the mean time, we are doing the best we can and trying to hang on until our income tax return is available. Our stress levels have slowly increased over the past few months. Finances can take a toll on a marriage and we do not want that to happen. The Lord has the answer and we are waiting on Him. “They” say to find something you love to do and make money doing it….well…other than my family, one of my favorite things is cooking/baking. I LOVE to be in the kitchen…I just do not know how that could create an income. We are thankful for every meal that is on our table. I’ve had several friends who’ve had babies or a death in the family over the past month and I would’ve LOVED to have taken them a meal, but the funds just weren’t there to make it happen. I look forward to posting how the Lord shows Himself strong again on our behalf. He has great plans for us in 2010!


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