Happy New Year

I can honestly say this is only the 2nd time I’ve thought about my blog since my last post almost a month ago. We’ve a had a good but busy month. I’ve been working 3-4 evenings a week as well as Saturday mornings. Then Christmas came in such a whirlwind, it was new years before we knew it. We had a wonderful Christmas Day. Our morning started with my Grandmother, Mom and Step-dad coming to our house for a breakfast. It was so nice not to have to rush somewhere Christmas morning. Our breakfast was yummy. I tried a couple new recipes on my family and they turned out great. The more I cook, the more I LOVE it. After breakfast we loaded the car for the rest of the days events. First to Kyle’s Nanny’s for a few hours, then to his mom’s and we ended our Christmas at my sisters. Our children were majorly indulged this year. I guess I need to remind everyone that I prefer our children’s birthdays to be big and Christmas to be smaller to keep the focus where it should be. As Kyle and I unloaded the car Christmas night we became so humbled by everyone’s generosity. We were so blessed by what everyone had given and the abundance of all of it sitting in our home….now where to put it. 🙂 Kyle worked out-of-town the week following Christmas, but returned home New Years Eve. We were not together last year for New Years. I was 6 months pregnant with Katie Mae and Kyle was working in Abilene, Texas. He came home for Christmas, but quickly returned to finish the job and came home the last day of January in time to begin our child-birth classes. All that being said, I was so glad we were together as a family this year. I already had 2010 headbands for us all under the Christmas tree this year, as a reminder that a new year was coming and how good the Lord had been to us during the past year. Kyle came home to a “Happy New Year” banner draped across the den, “New Years Soup” on the stove, cornbread in the oven and sparkling grape juice in the refrigerator. The ingredients for smores where on the counter to consume after dinner. We did sparklers and confetti poppers outside with Avery. We had horns to blow at midnight (if anyone made it that late). We played a few games on the Wii, watched some football, then watched the eleven o’clock news…we were hanging in there…well, Avery and I were. We looked over and Kyle was snoring in the recliner. Avery and I put on our party hats and snuck over to the recliner with a camera and snapped a picture. Needless to say, Kyle just opened his eyes for a minute and was out again. He had woken up at 4:30 that morning for work, so we weren’t complaining. At about 11:45pm Avery and I cuddled up on the couch and tried to keep each other awake. When the clock got down to 11:56pm Avery ran to the refrigerator and got the sparkling grape juice and filled our fancy glasses. He got the party blowers and woke up his Dad. At midnight we all tooted our horns…just once since Katie Mae had been asleep for hours, toasted our glasses, gave each other a kiss, said “Happy New Year” and were in the bed within 5 minutes….but we made it…we stayed up to see the new year and thanked the Lord we were together this year.

I hope your Christmas and New Year were memorable. Write it down… I am so thankful for the precious moments we have to make memories with each other.
The coming weeks will be full of adjustments for our family. We have decided to put Avery back in school, Kyle is looking for a job that will keep him in-town and I will be returning to work 3 days a week. A precious friend offered to keep Katie Mae on the days I work and pick Avery up from school on those days as well. What provision from the Lord. I totally trust her and am so very thankful for the peace in my heart about Katie Mae being with her. Please keep us in your prayers as we transition…Happy New Year!


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  1. happy new year tara!!

    i’m so glad you and your family are together!!

    i miss you girl :o)

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