A lot to be thankful for..

As if I didn’t have a grateful heart this thanksgiving season…I definitely did by the time the weekend was over. We spent the night before thanksgiving at my dad’s in conyers to spend time with him and to be an hour away from my grandmother’s, where we were spending thanksgiving this year. Thursday morning we traveled to marietta and spent the rest of the weekend at my grandmother’s with my parents and sisters. We had a great time eating, playing cards, and spending time together. Kyle and I planned on attending the Ga/Ga Tech tailgate together saturday evening, which at the last minute turned into attending the actual GAME, when a friend of ours called and said he had tickets to GIVE us!! How exciting and actually an answer to prayer…the game is another post in and of itself.
I believe it was Friday morning we received a phone call that one of our friends who is younger than us and has 2 small children had a massive heart attack thanksgiving night. Upon talking with his wife a few minutes later, we found out he had 100% blockage in one artery and had a stent put in. He was recovering and doing well, but would be in the hospital through the weekend.
Then, as Kyle and I were crawling into bed that night we found out that a high school friend of mine passed away unexpectedly thanksgiving day. My heart sunk. What sad and shocking news.
How much more thankful was I, as if I weren’t already, to have each member of my family, healthy and with me on thanksgiving.
Kyle and I started a prayer journal about a month ago. We’ve seen the Lord move mightily in so many areas of our lives over the past year that we wanted to start writing it all down so we could look back and reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of our GOD. Needless to say, these 2 families are now on the list…

On a lighter note…the weekend ended with a win for UGA. That was great for me, but not so much for Kyle. We were able to visit with my uncle gaines on the way back to augusta and then I started working evenings this week.
So many blessing to count…and prayers to lift up.


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