Just spent some time

reading blogs from my blog roll. The Cortez Family convicts my heart to document the positives of homeschooling. We met them while we were in Franklin and they are ‘first year’ homeschoolers as well. Jennifer and I shared concerns and insights we’d discovered through our homeschooling journey which was only about 2 months long at that point. Our situations were similar in that it was our first year and we weren’t sure how long we’d continue, we just knew this is what the Lord had for us this year, also the things we observed and sensed in our boys that we may not have come to know had they not been under our care for educational purposes this year. This is such a kind family with a mom who is transparent and loves the Lord. Just another part of this adventure the Lord has us on that we are thankful for…sweet families we meet along the way and the blog world to keep in touch with them once our time with them has passed.


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