For some reason

I just wrote an entire post, but it is lost in cyberspace somewhere now…so I may not have time to write the entire thing again. Kyle went back to Tennessee last weekend and he dropped us off at my Grandmothers in Marietta, which is almost half way to Franklin from Augusta. His truck was acting up, which ended up costing over $400 to fix while he was in Tennessee. We had a great time with my Grandmother. I love being with her and watching her interact with my children. We will be at her house again next week for Thanksgiving. I thought this week would go by quickly since we got back in town last Monday night, but it hasn’t. My car battery was dead when we came back home but thankfully, Kyle was able to jump it off. Kyle, Katie Mae and I attended the Guitar Pull Tuesday night. We had a good time and even Katie Mae was ‘spotted’ by the local newspaper.
It appears that we’ll be in town for the rest of the year, which is a double-edged sword. The decision for me to be home with the children was dependant on Kyle working out-of-town and having the opportunity to make overtime, which is not possible when he’s working in town. It’s nice to be here, in our home, near our friends and family, but our finances are suffering because of it. I have applied for night and weekend positions around town since the holidays are approaching and most places are hiring seasonal help. I haven’t applied to wait tables yet, but that may be my next step if we feel that is what I need to do. We are confident in our decision for me to be home with the children, but we also want to use wisdom with our finances. We also do not want to do anything drastic with the children during this season considering we know this is temporary and we should be out-of-town again within 6-8 weeks. I hesitated to blog about this, but our God is SO faithful, I wanted to document how all this works out. Any ideas on part-time, flexible employment?


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