Long time no post…

Happy Six Months!

Happy Six Months!

CIMG0783CIMG0780I’m going to try to quickly wrap up the past couple of weeks for us.CIMG0754

A friend of mine from high school, Melanie, lives close by, so we’ve been able to meet up with her several times. She has a 2 1/2 year old, Kaylee, and a 7 month old, Jackson.CIMG0774 Katie Mae and Jackson had a good time playing together and Katie Mae decided to sit up for the first time at Jackson’s house. He is only one month older than Katie Mae, but is crawling everywhere, so I think Katie Mae felt the urge to do something big while we were there.(see picture at top) Melanie gave us 2 tickets to the Nashville Predators hockey game.CIMG0782 I do not know much about hockey, but the children and I had a good time that night…it was eventful…ask us about it if we haven’t already told you…WOW! We came home for a few days last week. While we were there my sister Courtney had a birthday, our friend Alex had a birthday and Katie Mae had her 6 month check up…so I made cupcakes.CIMG0784 We were able to visit with most of our family. It’s so entertaining to watch PaPa Terry and Gammy entertain Katie Mae!CIMG0791

Ok, these pictures are a little scattered, but I am out of time. We have a fun week planned, so I’ll have to post about our activities a little later on. It’s chilly here already…feels like fall!


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  1. Hi! I’m the Marketing Director at Home-Towne Suites and I just stumbled across your post about your stay at our hotel through the stats reports for our website. I hope everything worked out with our “fully equipped kitchens”! We don’t want to ever mistakenly mislead anyone, so if you have any suggestions on how to make this clearer to potential guests, I can be reached through our website.

    While most of our suites do have stovetops and microwaves without ovens, I hope you’ll consider staying with us again. We offer complimentary grocery service (just drop off a grocery list at the office) as well as our weekly socials, Tuesday treats, and any extra cookware you may need during your stay at all locations.

    Two of our newer hotels in Columbus, GA and Tuscaloosa, AL offer an executive apartment within the hotel that includes stainles steel appliances with an oven and dishwasher. These also have 2 separate bedrooms off the living area for a little extra room.

    I hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay with us! Please consider our hotels for your next trip.

  2. Aunt Court said:

    I’m so glad KM’s check-up was near my birthday so that I got a chance to see y’all! By the way, everyone, my “C” cupcakes were delicious! 🙂

    I love the picture of KM, Papa Terry, & Gammy. It reminds me of watching him at your birthday party when he was absolutely captivated by Katie Mae and she by him. He walked around the room holding her up so she could see everything and quietly talked to her just so she could hear him. It was so precious! I don’t think it can be denied… Avery & Katie Mae (& Taylor!) have the best grandparents – hands down!

    I hope y’all are doing well. Tell my hard working brother-in-law that I haven’t forgotten about him! T, I pray for safety, comfort, provision, & unity for your family every day. I know that God will bless you & Kyle in abundant ways for trusting Him and following His lead, even when it’s not the most popular of choices among your peers. I love y’all & miss you bunches! Give Ave & KM a big squeeze for me!

    By the way, I am impressed with your blog skills, my sister! 😉 Great work!!

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