Back to School

Ok, so, we have obviously started homeschooling this week. That would explain why I haven’t posted anything since last Wednesday! Teacher Mom and student Avery are really enjoying homeschooling. I know it is an adjustment for Avery, but he is doing great! We were waiting on a few textbooks to come in, so, we’ve slowly added subjects into our routine as the books have come in. I knew Ave was a smart boy, but it is really evident when I’m the one explaining things to him. He is such a treasure and joy to teach. We’ve already had some AWESOME experiences during “class”. I am so thankful to be here with him for this season. What a privilege! There are so many reasons we decided to homeschool this year and we are already seeing the benefits on so many levels. Katie Mae is doing great with this adjustment as well. Avery and I do a lot of our interactive work while Katie Mae is taking her 2 hour morning nap. Thank the Lord for such a good sleeper!


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