Ok, I’ve been reading natural recipes for mosquito repellent. These jokers are TERRIBLE here. No one else in the family seems to be bothered by them as much as I am. The first night we were here I believe I received 5 or 6 bites! It’s even difficult for me to sit at the pool while Avery swims. Apparently there are rice fields close by…that’s why they’re such a problem! We cannot use insect repellent on Katie Mae yet, so that’s why I’m going to try something natural so I do not have to worry about holding her when I’ve been sprayed down! I’ll keep ya posted!


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  1. Hey, Tara. Your blog is great!! Now, if I can figure out how to correctly send you a comment, that will be great too…I tried to respond to your “we have arrived” blog, but don’t think it posted. Anyway, so very glad you made it safely to Arkansas. Thanks for the pictures and update.

    Have you tried Skin-so-Soft by Avon for the mosquitoes? It used to be “the thing” in Beaufort, SC for biting sand gnats.

    Love you all,

    • tarawilliams said:

      We left our HUGE bottle of skin-so-soft at home. Our pediatrician suggested Listerine…I think we’re going to try that first.

  2. You could order the Skin so Soft online, or find someone local. We used Scented Bounce fabric sheets at Bridgitte’s wedding at Jekyll Island and it worked well. It must be the scented and you probably will need to rub a sheet on your skin frequently if you are sweating or get wet. You could always carry around a Citronella candle. 🙂 Citronella essential oils can be used on your skin but can be irritating some some peoples skin and shouldn’t be used on those under 3 years of age. I hope you find relief from those little boogers! ….the mosquitoes 🙂

  3. Hi, tara!! Can’t believe your big adventure you’ve taken on–awesome!

    I’ve heard from a friend that lavender and water in a spray bottle works great. Maybe that woud be something to google since I don’t remember the specifics!

    Hope you’re enjoying Jonesboro!! 🙂


  4. Stacey Pascarella said:

    Our Pedi in Charlotte recommended the ThermaCell products. You can check them outline. He is originally a hunter so he was turned onto these products because they don’t have a scent…thus why they are great for a baby. We have a “unit” that emits a “smokelike” vapor around us and we NEVER get eaten! Its AWESOME…in fact I used it last night. You can get it at their website

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