we have arrived

We made itWe arrived in Arkansas last night. Katie Mae was a GREAT traveler. Avery always has been. It really was a great experience for us. There was major traffic as we crossed the Mississippi River. That’s the only time Katie Mae wasn’t a happy camper. We are SO tired today, but that’s to be expected. Katie Mae didn’t settle in too well during the night…but she did so great on the trip, I’m not going to complain! Our apartment is nice and has so many amenities that Avery (and the rest of us) will enjoy. I’m going to try to get acclimated to my surroundings today.
One of our stops was in Tupelo, Mississippi…Birthplace of Elvis…
I think Avery was just as excited to stretch his legs as he was about the sightseeing!

I think Avery was just as excited to stretch his legs as he was about the sightseeing!


Hope you are well!
The Williams Crew

Comments on: "we have arrived" (5)

  1. Yvonne Meeks said:

    Great job. Looks like you are well on your way to being an “expert” blogger to me.

  2. Great to hear that the trip went pretty smoothly (except the 45 minutes or so). I am a newby at blogging too, but we will figure this thing out! 🙂

  3. Wanda Raborn said:

    I think your blog was great. I would never know how to begin. We miss you already. I know we didn’t see you as often since se hadn’t been at church, but there’s something about knowing you are in town. We are so glad you made it safely and we wish you the best. Give Kyle, Avery, and Katie Mae a hug and have Kyle give you one for us.

    Love ya,

  4. Hey,

    We are glad you made it there safely. Upload pictures of your adventures in Arkansas.


  5. Loved the post. The biggest thing about blogging is getting into the habit of doing it often. You’ll find yourself saying, “Oh, this would make a great blog post!” 🙂 The boys loved looking at the pictures and asked when you guys are coming home. Enjoy your time together. What a great experience!
    Love you guys!

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